Managing continence whilst on holidays

For some travelling with incontinence can induce worry, rest assured travelling is possible with TENA products and some helpful hints along the way.

Travelling tips

• Public toilet maps are available via National Public Toilet map 
• Check local supermarket or pharmacy websites in advance, so not to worry about running out of a product 
• Calculate how many incontinence products you need to take (say 3 pieces a day for 14 days) and then add a few more as a buffer
• Keep a spare kit handy - spare underwear, spare pads, wet wipes and hand sanitizer
• Carry a travel pack of plastic scented bags to discreetly dispose of used items 
If you have the right product and size there should not be any leakage
• TENA Products provide long lasting protection that are discreet and incorporate odour control.  
• TENA Liners or Ultra-thin mini would be perfect for light drips and dribbles or for those who may want to change more often due to climate of where they are or activities they are undertaking.
• TENA Pants would be great options for long trips or overnight protection. They come in a variety of absorbencies from Women’s Discreet (600mls), Men’s Pants (900mls) up to Pants Maxi (1500mls). Consider what clothes are worn with pants as changing them when wearing trousers may be difficult in some situations 
• TENA Pad InstraDRY long or extra length offer longer lasting protection 
• TENA Pad Maxi Night or TENA Night Pants are a good option to reduce overnight leakage 
• TENA Flex Ultima holds 3 litres and is designed for large voids day or night 
• TENA Bariatric range for clients over 100kgs provides the most secure fit
Other considerations
• Avoid food and drinks that can irritate the bladder and cause urinary frequency - caffeine, alcohol, (in moderation as you are on holidays!)
• Drink normally (1.5 – 2 L /day) to avoid dehydration as this can concentrate urine and irritate the bladder 
• The sea is fine to swim in without any concern
• You can also swim in pools if there is only a little urine leakage (pool chemicals will irradiate small traces of urine) 
• A two-piece tankini for women makes toileting easier than a one-piece swimsuit
• When by the pool or on the beach, consider wearing shorts over regular underwear or TENA Pants, and then change into swimwear bottoms for swimming
• Shorts designed for swimming with Incontinence can be purchased at Independence Australia. Phone 1300788855.
Trial some FREE TENA samples before you travel, to explore product options to find the right one.