How can TENA help?

TENA has a wide range of sizes and styles to assist with varying levels of incontinence. The correct pad and a good fit can ensure comfort and discretion



Liners and Pads

Ideal for:
For those with light incontinence and need light protection

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Pull up Pants

Ideal for:
Moderate incontinence and those with cognitive issues. 

Great for those still mobile to promote some independence. 

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Belted products

Ideal for:
Great for those who have the help of just one carer, can be easily fitted by one carer or individual

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High absorbency products

Ideal for:
Those who are heavy wetters or need higher protection overnight.
Helps to ensure sleep is not disrupted.

High absorbency products also feature a wetness indicator to assist to know when products need changing. 

Holds 3 litres.

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Bariatric products

Ideal for:
For those who need a larger waist or leg size.

Waist size up to 243 cm.

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Male and Female specific pants

Ideal for:
Products designed specifically for the different anatomy. Includes specific male shapes including black shields and Navy pants. Women’s includes Black pull up pants.

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Skin Care

Ideal for:
Soap and water can dry skin and incontinence can increase the risk of dermatitis or skin issues. TENA Skin Care products offer soap free options for cleansing between pad changes and all over skin protection.

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Additional Assistance


MS Society of Australia
Telephone 1800 042 138

Stroke Foundation of Australia
Telephone 1800 787 653

Parkinson’s Australia
Telephone 1800 644 189

Continence Foundation of Australia
Telephone 1800 330 066

New Zealand

MS Society of New Zealand
Telephone 0800 675 463

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand
Telephone 0800 78 76 53

Parkinson’s New Zealand
Telephone 0800 473 4636

Continence New Zealand
Telephone 0800 650 659