1 in 3 of us is larger than life!

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    Many of us are a little bit larger than life, however, being excessively overweight can cause incontinence.

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    As of 2020, 2 in every 3 Australian adults (or 67%) are overweight or obese, with 36% of adults being overweight and 31% falling into the obese category!1 The results are much the same across New Zealand, with a 2020/21 New Zealand Health Survey finding that around 1 in 3 adults (aged 15 years and over) were classified as obese (34.3%).2

    Obesity causes increased abdominal pressure and mobility issues, both of which can lead to incontinence. Learn more about obesity related incontinence.

    The good news is, TENA now has Maxi pants in XL. Specifically designed to help you feel dry and secure to live your life to the full.

    TENA Proskin Pants Maxi

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    • Trusted incontinence pants now available in XL size
    • Pull-up fit like underwear to promote an independent and active lifestyle
    • Features FeelDry AdvancedTM to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control
    • Breathable materials make for a soft and comfortable fit
    • Designed for men and women for both day and night wear

    TENA Bariatric Range

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    TENA has a range of bariatric products to suit different needs and lifestyles. Available in a variety of absorbency levels and sizes, the TENA incontinence range supports you to feel dry, secure and protected. Order your free samples or our new Obesity & Incontinence brochure for your clients today.

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    1 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
    2 New Zealand Health Survey 2020/21