Incontinence briefs with belt | Flex

    Highly absorbent incontinence briefs with elastic belt for easy & ergonomic changes

    TENA ProSkin Flex is a range of innovative belted incontinence briefs for easier and more ergonomic changes, helping the carer in the physical demands of their job, as well as providing great protection for the wearer. These products are ideal for those with medium to very heavy incontinence. Available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels.

    TENA ProSkin Flex are ideal products for all types of changes, - whether in bed, standing or when using lifts, all due to its ergonomic belt. - In other words it is one of the easiest products to use and a very efficient absorbent product.

    The innovative design of TENA ProSkin Flex uses an easy-fastening system with a soft elastic belt, that easily adjusts to different body shapes, securing comfortable fit and superior leakage security.

    This product also takes care of skin health by it´s FeelDry Advanced technology that provides fast absorption, keeping the skin dry, with Triple protection for dryness, softness and leakage security, to help maintain natural skin health.

    TENA ProSkin Flex has easy-grip hooks which can be fastened at the front and can be opened or re-opened as many times as needed without losing grip properties. This provide fully adjustable fixation to suit different body types for reliable protection against leaks. The product has the versatility to be applied from the front and from the back.

    TENA ProSkin Flex is ideal for users with lower levels of mobility that may spend time laying or seated, however it can also be used by persons with more mobility.

    Incontinence briefs with belt | Flex