World first incontinence waste trial

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    Landfill is where incontinence products end up. We're working to change that.

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    At TENA we have always been about caring for people and over time we have broadened our scope of caring to include not only people but also the planet. Step by step, we plan to make a better mark on the planet with our TENA Protects Program.  

    TENA Protects is our plan for the future that includes ambitious goals to reduce the carbon footprint of our products by 50% in Europe by 2030, as well as building circularity into our products by reducing waste to landfill and turning waste into resources.  

    It's because of these ambitious goals that Project Divert was born in 2018. Project Divert aims to find an alternative to landfill for used incontinence waste from Residential Aged Care facilities in Australia & New Zealand. Our initial research and trials have been boosted with Australian federal government funding, via the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund, and we are planning to pilot new waste processing technology in the very near future in Victoria.

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    * Brewster 2022, Adult incontinence products are a larger and faster growing waste issue than disposable infant nappies (diapers) in Australia
    ** Based on Essity Australasia estimates using Government and industry data
    *** Based on Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) feedback