A full night’s sleep thanks to new TENA Flex Ultima absorbency and fit

    TENA is focused on innovation and continuous improvement. Through researching ways to improve residents’ quality of life and reduce carer work load, TENA R&D found more than ten percent of residents in aged care were experiencing large or explosive urine voids. This was often causing leakage or resulted in the need for residents to be changed overnight, interrupting sleep and causing extra work and stress for carers.

    In response to these problems, TENA has created TENA Flex Ultima to add to the TENA Flex range. The new design features up to 51 percent more absorption1 in the large core of the product. It encapsulates urine and keeps the wearer drier and more comfortable for longer. Stronger guards around the leg have also been added to provide prolonged protection day and night.

    Successful tests and trials of TENA Flex Ultima have been conducted across the world, with the product already launched in some markets. In Australia, two aged care homes were chosen to trial the product with residents who were having their pad changed two or three times in the night. Both Kew Gardens Aged Care and MannaCare reported positive results.

    The results from the trial were consistently positive. The first resident had been using two TENA Flex Maxi through the night with heavy saturation. In the test using TENA Flex Ultima, carers found, “She was able to sleep through the night. It was the best sleep she’d had in a long time and her skin was drier in the morning.” The second resident shared the same experience. She was very happy to use only one TENA Flex Ultima all night without the need for a change and her carers also found her skin stayed drier.

    Another resident who had been using at least two TENA Flex Maxi products overnight and sometimes three, showed a clear preference for TENA Flex Ultima thanks to improved absorbency and fit around the leg. And the next, went from two or three changes overnight straight through until morning, wearing TENA Flex Ultima. Her carer also commented, “We rarely have leaks with this resident with TENA Flex Maxi, but the TENA Flex Ultima seems to fit even better around the leg line.”

    Now with 15 products in the range, TENA Flex is the widest belted range in the market. Tenille Taylor, TENA Marketing Manager explained a shift in customer preferences. “The majority of our customers now choose modern incontinence products such as pants and belted products over traditional products. It’s understandable, as TENA Flex belted briefs minimise lifting and can be changed while the wearer is standing, sitting or lying down without the need to undress fully. The extra absorbency and fit of new TENA Flex Ultima will be a welcome relief for many residents and carers, especially for night time protection.”

    The importance of undisturbed sleep and its effects on quality of life are often underestimated. Beyond the trial, residents can rest assured in getting a better night’s sleep with TENA Flex Ultima. Carers and managers will appreciate fewer night changes, cost savings, and less leakage and laundry.

    1. TENA Flex Ultima has up to 51% higher absorption capacity than TENA Flex Maxi (size medium)
    It was the best sleep she'd had in a long time and her skin was drier in the morning.

    Carer, Kew Gardens Aged Care

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