Lyndoch Living staff and residents happy to return to TENA

    Positive resident outcomes is the underlying goal shared by Lyndoch Living and continence management provider TENA. Lyndoch Living has 198 residential aged care beds and has been based in regional Victoria since 1952. At any one time, approximately 70 percent of residents live with some degree of incontinence.

    Over its many years of service to elders in the wider Warrnambool community, Lyndoch Living has always focused on providing a quality service centred on individual needs and preferences. The result of which, is better resident wellbeing.   

    A number of different continence products and suppliers have been used over the years.  But when it was announced that Lyndoch Living were moving back to TENA products the overwhelmingly positive reaction reaffirmed the decision for management.  “The decision to change back to TENA for the ongoing supply of continence products was based on several discussions around ensuring positive resident outcomes,” Julie Baillie, Director of Nursing stated.

    “TENA offered a wide range of products and had the tools and assessments in place to ensure that the right product was prescribed for each individual resident’s needs. They offered ongoing education and training opportunities for all staff and residents,” added Baillie. 

    A major factor in the decision to change was residents’ skin integrity and its impact on wellbeing. TENA products undergo dermatological testing to ensure they are not irritating to the skin in any way, and along with a thorough and planned implementation strategy, Baillie said, “The evidence identified both a decrease in the number and severity of excoriations that were attributed to inappropriate continence aid usage in the past.” 

    This is also consistent with global studies that have found a 47 percent reduction in skin irritation where TENA Solutions has been implemented1. 

    “It is great to see that TENA is able to be flexible and work within the vision and values that we embrace,” Baillie said, “Lyndoch Living are excited to work with TENA into the future to continue to ensure positive resident outcomes are achieved.”

    It is great to see that TENA is able to be flexible and work within the vision and values that we embrace

    Julie Baillie, Director of Nursing, Lyndoch Living, Australia

    TENA Solutions

    TENA Solutions is an integrated continence care offering that incorporates best-practice care routines, tools and training. 95% of care homes that implement TENA Solutions show clear care improvements.1

    TENA Solutions

    Plan Coach Monitor

    The TENA Plan Coach Monitor process provides each facility with a specific and tailored plan to ensure that their continence issues and goals are documented and monitoring of outcomes. The process will then plan for the next phase of requirements.

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    TENA is the world-wide leader in incontinence products. For over 40 years we've been at the forefront of developing products to meet the needs of individuals, carers and healthcare services. 

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    Bladder weakness, or incontinence, is surprisingly common. 1 in 3 women experience some type of bladder weakness during their life and up to 1 in 10 men. It may not be an especially serious medical condition in and of itself, but the impact it has on everyday life can be profound. 

    1 SCA data on file: All statistics are based on average percentages from between 85-181 TENA Solutions case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also USA, Canada and China. Results vary across countries and care homes depending on the circumstances in each care home prior to implementation of TS 2011-13.