Innovating for better continence care

    At TENA, our dedication towards innovation is entwined with everything we do. By making sure we’re always pushing the limit when it comes to new technology and materials, our products continue to daily improve the lives of millions.

    Innovating through insight

    With over 50 years of experience, we understand the far-reaching impact of incontinence and the need for personalised and effective continence care. At TENA, we are dedicated to evolving and innovating to meet needs and so we continuously invest in research and real-life insight. We understand that every situation is unique which is why we evaluate everything from quality of life to total continence cost. By innovating our high quality products and services to meet actual needs, we work with you to offer continence care that really makes a difference.

    Innovating for better continence care

    The future of continence care

    TENA Flex with Superfit Waist Belt facilitates quicker and easier changing

    TENA Flex incontinence protection has a patented Superfit Waist Belt. Simply fasten the belt around the waist, then fix the front of the pad to the belt using the Hook in Line system. TENA Flex is quicker and easier to change than traditional products regardless of the individual's position, ensuring dignity and more ergonomically beneficial for the caregiver.

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    TENA Flex with Superfit Waist Belt

    TENA Solutions

    At TENA, we are committed to providing better continence care for all. Our range of innovative products and best-practice care routines are designed to meet needs of your individuals and work environment, offering proven comfort, discretion and security. Our expert advice, training and support are tailored to your workplace to ensure you get the most out of our services.

    TENA Solutions


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