Improving skincare improves resident wellbeing at Ozcare

    As well as being the Head of Aged Care at Ozcare, responsible for 1,400 residents in 11 residential aged care facilities, Lanna Ramsay also cares for her 89-year-old father.

    “My father has always had very sensitive skin and is prone to easy bruising. As he is quite active, he often gives himself small skin tears, and sometimes big. I have had him using TENA Wash Cream and Skin Lotion for about three years. Over that time, there has been a significant improvement in his skin and a decreased number of small skin tears,” explained Ramsay. In fact, Ramsay knew when her father wasn’t using TENA everyday as the tears started to occur again. 

    Ozcare provide Residential Aged Care, Retirement Village, Community Nursing & Care, and Community Support Services to over 15,000 people across Queensland. Ramsay’s experience with TENA transferred to her work. “We trialled the TENA Skincare product at one facility and then mandated the use of the range about 24 months ago,” she explained. “At Ozcare, we use the TENA Barrier Cream, Shampoo and Shower, Skin Lotion, Wash Cream, Soft Wipes and Wet Wipes.”

    We have found that clients' skin is in a far better condition and less prone to damage and skin tears.

    Lanna Ramsay, Head of Aged Care, Ozcare

    And the difference TENA Skincare has made to residents and staff? “We have found that clients’ skin is in a far better condition and less prone to damage and skin tears. The facility staff have also given excellent feedback on the products and the improvement in their clients’ overall skin appearance.”

    TENA is a name better known for continence products and is also the continence management provider for Ozcare. Continence and skincare are closely linked and in patients suffering from incontinence, the repeated wetting and drying of the skin can make the affected area more susceptible to damage. 

    In an independent study1 at the University Hospitals Birmingham 87 percent of nurses surveyed found there was a skin-protecting effect with TENA Wash Cream. It also found the number of patients suffering from incontinence associated moisture lesions was reduced by over 70 percent through regular usage of TENA Wash Cream.

    Maintaining skin integrity is a challenge for all healthcare professionals working with older people.  Ramsay and the team at Ozcare understand how much impact skin issues can have on residents’ wellbeing. Which is why high quality skincare is a priority.

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    TENA Solutions

    TENA Solutions is an integrated continence care offering that incorporates best-practice care routines, tools and training. 95% of care homes that implement TENA Solutions show clear care improvements.1

    TENA Solutions

    Plan Coach Monitor

    The TENA Plan Coach Monitor process provides each facility with a specific and tailored plan to ensure that their continence issues and goals are documented and monitoring of outcomes. The process will then plan for the next phase of requirements.

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    TENA is the world-wide leader in incontinence products. For over 40 years we've been at the forefront of developing products to meet the needs of individuals, carers and healthcare services. 

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    Bladder weakness, or incontinence, is surprisingly common. 1 in 3 women experience some type of bladder weakness during their life and up to 1 in 10 men. It may not be an especially serious medical condition in and of itself, but the impact it has on everyday life can be profound. 

    1. P.A Begg et al. Non-rinser skin cleansers: the way forward in preventing incontinence-related moisture lesions? Journal of Wound Care, May 2016; 25(5).